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 8/21: Kinsmans and Cannon 
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 8/21: Kinsmans and Cannon
8/21: Kinsmans and Cannon
I heard that Brian was finishing his 48 on Sunday and I knew I just had to be there to at least give him his 4K patch as has become a tradition of mine over the past few months. I was sleeping on Frye Island in Sebgao Lake with Sarah the night before and made plans to meet a "hope to be" new hiking friend in the Morning.

Our original plan was to start at the Tramway and run the Kinsman ridge trail all the way to 112.. then run up The Moose and back. But the forcast we both heard spoke of Thunderstorms and it had rained heavy the night before. Because of those circusmstances, I called her (we'll call her Lolly) once I got into Conway and we changed our schedule. Neither one of us wanted to be on Moose with the threat of T-storms and neither one of us wanted to handle KRT past Eliza Brook with all the water that regularly flows down there.

So we agreed to meet at Lafayette place and when I showed up.. there she was rearing to go. She waited patiently as I loaded up my pack and I danced around ym car with excitement. It had always been a sort of dream of mine to hike with lolly one day.. and the fact that the day was finally here sent shivers up my spine.

What I saw in her at first was a chipper young woman with tons of energy and a love for life and hiking. I knew through e-mails that we had shared so many thoughts together and those assumptions would be backed up over the next 8 hours.

I packed up and we headed up the Lonesome lake trail. Once we reached the hut we took to the FISHIN' Jimmy Trail. Lonesome lake tr was fine and we enjoyed seeing varous families descend from their night amongst the clouds. The kids were smiling and the parents seemed a tad spent... you know it was a fun night in the hut. Upon reaching the hut, our muddy selves tromped into the dining area where I signed the hut log. We then noticed it had been beach night at the hut and we danced in front of the shower curtain hung up over the counter.

We then left the hut and scurried up FJim. The FJim was FLOODED for the most part. Surprisingly the AMC had done TONS of work on the trail making new waterbars and bog bridges. It seemed to go by much faster than trips past for me and I was excited to hit the ridge. As we reached the section of rock before the block in rock... the water was GUSHING from the mountain and was everywhere. We laughed and giggled like children as we splashed about and got rather soaked and muddy.

We reached North Kinsman to see a family, whom Lolly knew somehow, taking a nap on the summit rocks. After a brief hello we continued on towards South Kinsman. When we reached the "assumed" summit of S. Kinsman we saw Hikerbob and P. Ivy sitting waiting for Brian. We sat down and joined them as P. Ivy offered us some Cider DOnuts and totally awesome brownies that we were most grateful for.

Lolly and I began to shiver a bit and were about to head for Cannon around 1pm. But before we took to the trail, Brian and his gang showed up and we accompanied them to S. Kinsman where we celebrated. I presented Brian with his patch and gave him a hug... I'm going to miss him. Lolly was so excited to meet all the great folks I normally hike with from time to time.. and I'm sure she will forever remember those happy hiking faces that make you remember what its all about.

We then said our goodbyes and darted up KRT towards Cannon. When we reached N. Kinsman, Lolly's friend Steven was there looking to catch us. He made a quick change of clothes and joined us for the Cannon Balls. Up and down and up and down we went. The trail rocky and rooty and sometimes rather pleasant. Easy to see places in winter that it may be dicey and places where we are sure Bears make a den. Once we reach Lonesome Lake Junction, Grape Ape decided to head down as he had done the Cannonballs twice now in one day. So we bid adiu and it was just us again.

We carried on u p the STEEP slope of Cannon and about half way up I banged my shin on a rock. As blood started to slowly fall out, I turned to lolly and explained the excitement for being on Cannon "I HATE THIS MOUNTAIN!" She laughed and we carried on. Upon reaching the summit we B-lined for the tram station for some food as I was STARVIN?.

After a quick hot dog, We looked at each other and then the Ski-slopes. Should we do Hi-Cannon as proposed or just head down the slopes. Slopes it was and we again became Cannon Mnt. Felons.. only this time.. I had permission to be on those slopes at any time. So skipped down the trail like young kids laughing the whole way and telling jokes. And Upon reaching the bottom we walked the bike-path back to Lafayette place where we were surprised to see everyone still in the lot waiting for Brian to come down.

First of all.. a HUGE Congrats to Brian for finishing his list.

Hiking with Lolly was an Awesome expierence, as I write this report a day later.. I can attest that it has been much of all have thought about. I learned a lot from here yesterday about hiking, running and just plain ole life. She gave me some new insights and ways to think.. ways to live and ways to be.. well.. ME. She showed me the finer side of life, and reassured in my soul that hiking/running.. could be fun. I'll never forget my day with Lolly and meeting her friend Grape Ape.. I think.. that after all.. I may actually like Cannon. And her and I.. well.. we have a great future hiking together ahead.. and the Epics will line up in a row.. I am beyond excited.

Until Next time.. Happy Trails



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Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:03 pm

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:oops: :oops:

OK, now I am beginning to understand where I went wrong. Well, one of the places.
First, my alarm clock got wet and stopped displaying the time and didn't go off so I woke up late.
Then I had to pack up the campsite, wet, so I decided that since I would not be able to catch up I'd start at the end. KRT on 112 and head in. I soon knew that I wouldn't make South Kinsman in time so I figured I'd just go untill I met up with the group and hike back out. I was surprised when I got to the shelter and hadn't met up yet but pushed on. Just before South Kinsman I ran into two guys, didn't know Brian, but were there for the party and said everyone had left.
Well, I thought maybe I missed them while I was at the shelter eating but I really didn't want to hike out at night two nights in a row so I just turned around and headed out.
Congrats to Brian!!! I was there in spirit :)

Mon Aug 22, 2005 8:42 pm
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