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 Ea ought to be embarrassed by what is happening 
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 Ea ought to be embarrassed by what is happening
Ea ought to be embarrassed by what is happening. Dcroft has caused it to the finals with an offense and it looks like he's likely to lose to joke who runs the ball every single play. I understand Madden nfl isn't over yet, but Dcroft has close to 0 passing yards, so that I really do credit Joke's shield, but still. I'm not putting this on Mut 20 coins for sale Joke at all, do what you gotta do to win, he has been consistent in all madden tourneys the last couple of years so that it's not like it was a random who won. It's Ea's fault they made Madden nfl to where somebody with this kind of offense could put up points and triumph.

Im not the biggest fan of Joke and I was hoping a passer would win, but yall are crazy for saying he ought to be ashamed and nonsense. Blame ea and their game. Theyre playing for tens of thousands of dollars theyre gont do exactly what gives them the opportunity to win. Even Clint himself said in a podcast years back that noone should ever get mad at the gamers and its about the devs to produce a much better game. The truth is ea made a dreadful game and wages cap particularly leans in favour of runners. Madden nfl sucks but yall cant blame Joke.

It's an embarrassment. His defense has been good but I would be ashamed to acquire running a punter in QB. When the announcers have to behave like it's amazing that his conduct game is so excellent, it's even worse. Only reason his D is great, is bc he can place his whole salary cap to his shield. He's arguably the best defensive head in Madden, actually. I don't think that is always correct. He's always very good at building salary cap lineups. Today is a sad day all of the belt winners this year are all pure runners.

Was just going to post about it. Honestly I have no regard for joke when it comes to offense, he hasnt handed a SINGLE time. I know its meta but dude put a linemen at wr. I couldn't agree, he ought to be ashamed of himself for running a scheme that is broken. Watching a guy run the identical play and formation and I'll give him credit for that, although his defense was fantastic. No ability on his part for abusing the game. Nah apparently he was passing the final time (if Volteraxx won) and kept whining about how somebody could win without death. Everyone came telling him to get better at Madden nfl. I don't blame him.

No ability? Really? Complain all you want about Madden nfl, but stating that a dude that just beat all of the players in the world used no ability is pure stupidity. How come the other runners were eliminated earlier, if running were that overpowered? He was the sole runner left in the final four, that is for a reason. This kind of buy Madden 20 coins small and biased sample dimensions. He's the cheesiest of this cheesers, but most definitely and in-arguably NOT the best Madden player on earth. And by small sample size you mean that the guys that advanced into the final phases of the best tournament in the world? He was the best player in this tournament and the best player this year, although not saying he's the finest on the planet.

Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:05 am

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 Re: Ea ought to be embarrassed by what is happening
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Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:24 pm
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