Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon
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Author:  Beckie and Prema [ Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon

NOTE: Even if I mastered the technique, this would not be illustrated. My daughter (Prema's older sister) and her husband are not too keen on having too many of the girls' photos on social media (or whatever we want to call ourselves :D ).

I was on vacation for two weeks (back to work tomorrow :( ), but Prema's nursing home (she's in Activities) had its cook out this weekend, so she had to work. So I gently brought up the subject of taking the girls (ages 6 1/2 and 3) to the mtns. Prema said I was crazy, it was bad enough driving them 20 minutes to the Ward Reservation (Andover/N Andover) and listening to the older one bitch about less than 100 feet elevation gain. But I had a plan...

Break up the ride from Haverhill to Cannon. Massive breaks at the Welcome Center in Hookset (they loved the indoor waterfall and the treats I bought them at the General Store). Then a stop at the next rest stop on 93, where they checked out the little building with its fire place and then played outside. Took me almost as long to drive to Cannon as to climb Cannon!

The older wanted her electronic games along, I told her she wouldn't even miss it up there. They LOVED the tram. The little one was not quite tall enough to see out the window, so I let her stand on my pack. Their eyes widened as they looked at Franconia Ridge and heard that Auntie and Grammy had been up there twice. Once they saw there was food they wanted some, so we had lunch on the deck. And then came my nervous break down.

Fearlessness is usually a good thing, but it does have its moments. The older one broke her elbow climbing in the schoolyard earlier this year and promptly insisted on still climbing up Grammy's foyer staircase - outside its railing while wearing her cast. And so forgetting all the ledges on the Rim Trail (last climbed Oct. 2012), I suggested we take said trail to the observation platform. Naturally she was drawn to those ledges, she kept walking around looking at all the views saying "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" every five minutes. Grammy was saying "PLEASE GOD, GET HER AWAY FROM THERE!" every two minutes. Fortunately, the boulders on the inner side of the trail were a great distraction. they served as a throne for the Queen to survey her newly discovered empire. Little sister followed suit, pretending to be Anna to her older sister's Elsa. A few of the tourists could not understand why they were climbing there (it wasn't the environmentally sensitive off-limits part, just some large boulders off to the side of the trail). I explained their Auntie had climbed nearly 90 mtns in New England, it's a family thing. Finally (Thank God!) we got to the observation tower. They liked the flat woodsy parts surrounding it and I showed them how you could take another trail down to Lonesome Lake. They liked the Cannon Balls and Mittersill. I liked the short short trail that would take us back to the tram, with just trees on either side of it.

They enjoyed the ride down, followed by swimming in North Woodstock and then ice cream. And when they finally got home, they were excited to tell their parents about their day (particularly Daddy, who used to ski there). I told them Daddy used to ski another place, too, but it'll be a long time before they're ready to hike up THAT! And Prema will kill me if I have the four of us try Washington together. But they had a great time, and now we will try some smaller (AND SAFER!) hikes (like the Granite Girls go on).

Author:  thegibba [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon

Gotta get em while they are young. I remember my parents bringing me up to the whites all the time when I was young. Although I was a bit less fearless. I had to have a blanket over my head when they drove up Mt. Washington. No way i would have gotten into a ski tram!

Author:  Granite Guy [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon

Good job getting the kids out there! That's a great way to do it. Gondolas, chair lifts and the auto roads too are a nice way to let them see what the payoff for all that hard work they complain about is!:D Waterfall hikes like Glen-Ellis, Sababday or even the Foume also seem to do the trick when they are little. Then it's on to "bigger" things. Next time you're in the notch take them to Bald Mountain and Artists Bluff. Hikes like this seem safer, but even the small ones can make your hear race as the fearless kids scramble around like mountain goats.

And keep at the picture thing, it sound like you have plenty you can actually share with us even if it's not this. I get the parent part about not wanting it there faces out there. I'm pretty careful not to use my kids names in my reports, but for me at least they just look like any other kids if you don't know who they are and where they live. I put together a book for my daughters softball team too this year and made sure ahead of time nobody objected to having their kids pictures in it for whatever reason. I'd think any responsible parent would worry about that stuff to one degree or another.

Author:  JustJoe [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon

Great that you got the grand-kids out hiking. I've tried a few times to peak some interest to no avail. But, I couldn't get my own kids into it. Thought I had the youngest hooked after doing the classic Franconia Ridge loop but it never really took.

And come on, lets get that pic thing worked out. It's as easy as climbing a mountain. 8)

Author:  Kathy [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon

Yeah. What Joe said. Get the picture thing over and done with. It's EASIER than hiking a mountain.

And good on you getting the kids out. Teach 'em young. Even if they don't get hooked now, ya never know. I see lots of twenty and thirty somethings out there. In fact, many of "us" fall into that category.

Author:  WeRmudfun [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Corrupting Your Grandchildren on Cannon

Hope you enjoyed all of your vacation, sorry about the dreaded back to work day today, mine comes tomorrow. :( Great to hear you got the grand kiddos up to the Whites. As thegibba said, get them out while they are young. We waited too long to long to get our son out there and it never ended up lasting. I guess I won't see you with your grand kids on your day off anymore?

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