TFaC: Kings Hill - Osgood Hill: 10/26/2014
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Author:  HardcoreIdiot [ Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  TFaC: Kings Hill - Osgood Hill: 10/26/2014

http://hardcorenhhiking.blogspot.com/20 ... 62014.html

Two little peaks I am sure not many people know about. A mixture of bushwhacking for the two. Enjoy.


Author:  hiker0200 [ Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:03 pm ]
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Never done Kings Hill, so can't speak about that, but I kinda liked Osgood Hill when I did it. The trail felt wild and lightly used, and I saw no one the whole time (except a local driving down the dirt road I used to access the old trail).

Which leads me to this: The old Black Top Trail starts at the end of Brickyard Rd. in Nelson, NH. To get there, drive through the Nelson town center (reached from NH 9, dunno the name of the road that runs through it) and turn left onto Tolman Pond Rd. Follow it to a three-way junction with Brickyard Rd, veering left at a fork early on. From the three-way junction, veer left onto Brickyard Rd. and follow it to its end. There is a sign pointing to a private road that reads "Black Top"; park here and walk up the road. When the road veers left toward a house, head straight into the woods on a woods road. From there, follow the white blazes all the way to the top.

I know that the dirt road you have to take in the early going is a private drive, but all the Black Top Trail signs are still there, and there are white blazes along some of the telephone poles, so I'm assuming it's still cool to go in from there. Honestly, if I was to go there again, I'd go the way you did; the Black Top Trail is lightly used, overgrown, and hard to follow in many spots.

Anyway, good job! Are you going to do any other hiking/outdoor themed MS events, or are you calling it after TFAC?

Author:  HardcoreIdiot [ Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:47 pm ]
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Thank you for the directions on the Black Top Trail. I had read almost those exact directions but didn't feel like trying to find it and visiting the ledge area on a trail seemed like the easiest thing to do at the time. I would definitely go back to check this out, maybe in winter as it is a nice moose area.

I think after this year, the MS stuff is done. I think we have debated leaving the donation page up but ill still continue the blog (ill just rename it to something else). We won't be as gung-ho with trying to do certain things next year. I know desi and i want to get into maine to work on our 4ks there, and i know she would love to go back to acadia (it would be my first time there). Im sure brian will be brian and do whatever i do :)


Author:  New Hampshire [ Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:25 am ]
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HardcoreIdiot wrote:
Im sure brian will be brian

What, you mean walk around the house for 20 minutes trying to remember what it was I was looking for, then 2 hours remember it was in the pantry, then walk to the pantry, open the door and go "s**t, what was it I wanted again?" then yes you would be correct.

Poor memories suck. I can only imagine what I will be like at 65 considering how bad my memory is at 35. :? :lol:


Author:  hiking lady [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TFaC: Kings Hill - Osgood Hill: 10/26/2014

So, I hiked this one yesterday. And as usual was confused on finding the place and getting to the summit.I started down the right path towards the towers not realizing it, turned back and went up the ski trail coming out in the field right below the private residence. Now I need to go back (not anytime soon I may add) and do the tower trail.

I don't get why the Kings Hill with the fire tower is considered the summit, since when the original ski area was there the actual summit was where the house is and where the towers are was an add on. Is it because it is on some list I assume and it's higher than the other one which u can't access due to private property?

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