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 Hiking the Twins! 1/28 
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 Hiking the Twins! 1/28
Sunday our Montreal friends arrived at the end of Little River Road after a night's stay in the excellent Lyons Hospitality on Rte 3 in Twin. Drake, a teacher from Montreal, had hurt his leg and bowed out of the Twins hike. Cyd V. a student nurse from Montreal; Sam M., a psychologist from Montreal; David H., an electrical engineer from Montreal; Richard V., a telecommunication consultant from Montreal: Helen G., a student and hiking enthusiast from Montreal; and Alex P. a veterinarian from Montreal joined Diane M., a rural route carrier for the USPS & Bob M. a USDA inspector, married to each other from Claremont; Ghostdog and I. The North Twin summit was enough for our Montreal friends and we bid happy trails. Going on to South Twin I met Meb, Little Sister, and Drewski with 2 other women hikers in the col and we chatted, enjoyed the deep winter blue sky and the awesome views of the Presis. Diane, Bob, Ghostdog & I summited the 4902' South Twin peak, then enjoyed great fellowship watching the sun turn the sky red, then orange blending into darkness on the long haul out in the bright moon lit night. A most perfect weekend to hike!

OurNew England Hiking & Adventurer's Group. Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:57 am
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Joined: Sun May 08, 2005 10:20 am
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 What Montreal posted!
Drake from Montreal wrote:

"i posted this on MACH. montreal hiking...


If you made this trip, pat yourself on the back. This is the first over-night stay for MACH and for the former group. Other organizers told me it was too difficult to organize it.

But through careful planning, meetings and discussions and leadership on the hills, we made a little history safely.
If you had told me a year ago, "I'm going on to the internet. I'm going to pay less than $50, join a group, climb 1500 metres on the other side of the border, in the middle of winter, sleep with total strangers, and come back in one piece by Monday morning without a scratch", I would have suggested a psychologist for you. But this is what you just did.

Our hike time was targeted for 8am return by 4:30 pm. 8 ½ hours. Because of the heavy snow, ice and winds and I'm assuming foggy cloudy conditions (that I posted in the pics), we added some more time. 9 ¼ hours. We accidentally added a 15 minute detour at the bottom. We we're lucky. It's important to let the leader lead since they are in charge of getting us back safely. But no harm, the biggest thing was we returned safely with some co-operation from Mother Nature after 2pm.

There are so many firsts in this one.

I think this was the first trip across the border this year. The first one with actual minutes from a meeting. The first Joint event this year. ( We had many last year. Let's continue this tradition. Some of you know me. I invite and I challenge other Organizers to let us work together and let down your fears of territoriality. In other cities, the organizers cover for each other. I don't believe in 100 Meetups in once city just to enrich Meetup and to safeguard our fragile egos. This does not help your resume, so let's do events together. When you die, you cannot take this Meetup group with you.) The first one in New Hampshire. If I'm wrong, please let me know. The first use of both GPS and walkie talkies (thanks, David).

Some of you don't think this is a big deal, but as I said to MACH's NH hikers, the calendar was empty in September's prime hiking season.
Last year, there was maybe one or two events for ALL OF WINTER 2006, ( see Calendar: http://hiking.meetup.... ) Now, we have many events to choose from which is causing some anxiety in another organizer. But my intentions are/ were to turn-around this group from a quiet one to a very healthy one, because I like to stay healthy and enjoy myself in the city as well with some taste. Even if taste is not necessary, the rest is beneficial to your life and society as whole. (It's okay in winter. I want to keep our members interested in culture, food etc... but remember that other's count on your health. I lost a cousin who over-indulged and he died at 50 of a heart attack after he got diabetes. He left a widow and daughter of 13 years. I begged him to exercise. But he couldn't stop his addiction to sweets and soda. BTW the widow threw out his Mom at 90 from her own home that was legally under his name!!)

MACH and Amadeus seem to be becoming a premiere club on Montreal Meetup right in the middle of winter!! Thanks to you, our members, All this was done with "team-work, safety, and co-operation".

To this end, we should thank Boston Hiking (Magic and Ghost, Diane and Bob) for helping us through Jay Peak and Twin Mountains, Peps for keeping this open for over a year at your own pocket expense from New York city, Past organizers for doing your best to set up events, Aurora for the Meetup guidelines and layout works, Richard for leading the MACH side of the group..etc.. and many others. Alex for the great breakfast of "slow burning carbs", Helen for the Dahl. Matt for suggesting the event with Magic's help and setting it up. Sorry, if I missed anyone else. I would welcome you to discuss the feasibility from a safety angle of any other proposals that our NH hikes at MACH would suggest.
I'd be appreciative if you took the lead of finding an event. I'd be open to any Quebec destinations at this time, given the weather.

Helen, if you're reading my "little blog", can you tell us how much do we owe you for the Dahl?
And Richard thank you for your leadership on the hills and let us know how much for your delicious omelet.


OurNew England Hiking & Adventurer's Group. Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:59 am
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