8/26: Moosilauke By Headlamp
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Author:  Sherpa John [ Sat Aug 27, 2005 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  8/26: Moosilauke By Headlamp

7:20ish PM: Ravine Lodge Trailhead.

Click :idea: With the headlamps turned on I was VERY excited to be out on the trail again after a VERY VERY long week. Hiking is my medicine and this was going to be NEAT. I HATE night hiking.. alone that is.. but tonight was different. I had Firefly with me for company as well as moral support. Someone PERFECT to talk to.

So we put our BEST slackpacks on and began our way up Gorge Brook Trail. The trail was PITCH black in no time and the light from our headlamps shined on the rocks below just enough for us to find a place for our feet.

It was GREAT therapy hiking with her. I can tell Firefly ANYTHING and she'll listen.. REALLY LISTEN. She takes the time to listen and make me feel better about who I am. It was hard to fathom how quickly we were ascending in the stories we shared with one another, And in ALL of this.. before we knew it, we had reached the summit of Moosilauke at 8:50 PM.. just an hour and 10 minutes after we left.

On the summit we turned the lamps off and gazed in AWE at the MANY lights of towns below. We took out my cell phone and I called Sarah while Firefly called our friend Jerimiah Johnson. :D It was cool talking to them briefly from the summit. We spent a few more minutes investigating the Milky Way and at 9:20.. headed for home.

Our conversation continued on the way down until we reached the car. We hopped in and went to Lincoln for some pizza which we enjoyed wonderfully. After.. Firefly showed me an AWESOME campsite for me to use for the night and when I woke in the AM.. the view outside my tent was.. well... I'm speechless. Thanks for the site Firefly!

I had a BLAST on this "after work" night hike of the Moose. Many more to come for certain. I wish I had more to tell but.. it was Dark and rather uneventful... but it WAS indeed a gorgeous night!

SJ :?

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