Mt. Adams
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Author:  SilentCal [ Sat Aug 13, 2005 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Mt. Adams

MtnMagic and myself had been planning to surprise some friends of ours. They were finishing their 48 4000 footers on Mt. Adams and we decided to meet them at the summit for their last peak. Our finishing friends (Irene and Josh) needed to get Madison first so they left early up the Valley Way. MtnMagic had never done Lowe's Path and I had only done the upper reaches of it. Since this trail came in from the opposite direction from were our friends were thought to head in, we decided to try it out.

One way Lowe's Path is 4.3 miles to the summit. It has a steady elevation gain of 4450 feet that never lets you forget you are going up. Mtnmagic agreed to meet me around 8:00 at Lowe's Garage. I arrived early and geared up and checked out a trailer that had been wrecked in an accident that was parked there. MtnMagic and Ghostdog soon arrived and we were on our way.

The Trail starts out harmless enough but after about a half mile, it has a steady incline through a really nice section of woods. We talked about how our summers were going, the Red Sox, trails we'd been on, and the Flags event. At the first trail junction, we ran into a hiker with his pit bull. Not the type of dog you want to see on a trail. After we spotted them a five minute head start we started to ascend again and soon passed by the RMC's Log Cabin.

About 40 minutes later we broke treeline and were greeted by warm sunshine and fantastic views across Castle Ravine. The Castalated Ridge of Jefferson was beautiful and we though we spied some people that were hiking along the ridgecrest. We continued upwards through alpine meadows to a false summit of Adams 4 and then the real Summit of Adams 4. From here we, rested a bit and took in the views across King Ravine and Mt. Madison.

From here we trodded across the boulders to Thunderstorm Junction. This is a really good spot to sit back and take in the alpinezone. From here, it is only .2 miles to the summit but you really work for it as it is a constant boulder hop to the peak. The Summit had a few folks on it and our friends were nowhere. Cool the surprise was on! We made good time in 4 hours considering how much time we plodded around.

Several Hikers from the VFTT board soon arrived. They were also Flagbearers for Mt. Liberty and Bondcliff which made for some good conversation. Irene and Josh arrived around two to a BIG CONGRATS from everyone. They had made it!

We soon began the long descent back to the real world. About the time I reached Adams 4, I was started to get a mild headache. By Treeline it was a raging jackhammer in my head. MtnMagic had mentioned before that I was not drinking enough. He was right and I started to pay for it. I suffered the whole way down and enjoyed a frosty cold shower upon arriving at the campground. In all we spent about 5 1/2 hours above treeline on a beautiful day. If I had not been so foolish with my water intake, it would have been a perfect day. (actually it was a perfect day, did not have to work and got to hike)

Author:  Pucknuts61 [ Mon Aug 15, 2005 12:10 pm ]
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Hey SilentCal,
Sounds like a fantastic day and thanks for the great report!
I do like this hill as there is something special about that entire section of the Prezzies (Madison to Washington).

And with every hike, you always learn something new....meet someone new...of take a way that's new.

Glad everything worked out in the end and I'm looking forward to the 11th and the 17th!

Author:  MtnMagic [ Mon Aug 15, 2005 5:56 pm ]
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After this whole year of hiking in the sun and having a ample tan, those 5-6 hours above treeline, along with the fine hike-NH group up the Cherry Mtns the next day, I must admit my forehead suddenly turned to leather and started to peel. Glad it looked normal for the Flags on the 48 great Ponkapaog camping/gathering adventure in Canton, MA by Thursday!

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